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Less Than a Fair Go

MATCH REPORT: by Pier DíAngelo

Match: Balmain Rovers v Balmain AA6A
Venue: Callan Park, Rozelle
Date: Sat 15 May 1999
Time 1.00pm

We expected a tough game against the Balmain "golden boys". We got this and a whole lot more.

Proceedings got off to a poor start when we were left without an official to referee the fixture. When one of the 6A camp offered to fill in, we all gratefully accepted. This was to have a decisive effect on the result.

The first half was tightly contested. Defences of both sides were tested, and held. 6As were clearly surprised at the strength of our showing. When we broke for 5 mins of rest and a Gatorade, the scores were level at 0-0.

In the second half the 6B backs continued to work hard and well to keep the 6A forwards out. The line, led by Gary our Dutch international, held until some very poor refereeing decisions turned the tide in favour of 6As. 6As quickly went to a 2-0 lead after capitalising on two free kick "gifts" from just outside the box. These decisions lowered the tone of the game and were followed by a third goal by 6As in general play. It's what happened next that really makes the game worth remembering.

Despite being 3-0 down, the 6As rallied and our perseverance was rewarded late in the half with a goal off a free kick, followed by another during the course of play. This left us with a very respectable full time result of 3-2. With the benefit of another 10 minutes the score could easily have been 3-3.

Though we lost, all agreed that this was an excellent performance in the circumstances. The determination shown in the second half augurs well for our performance in the coming weeks. We are all looking forward to meeting 6A in the second round where, with the benefit of an impartial referee, we will be able to put things right.

The Pele points go to:

Gary 3 points
Russell 2 points
Norman 1 point

History Doesnít Repeat

MATCH REPORT: by Russell Borman

Match: Balmain Rovers v Marrickville
Venue: Mackie Park, South Marrickville
Date: Sat 29 May 1999
Time 1.00pm

For the first time since I joined Balmain, I was forced to watch the game from the sidelines as Manager, while Richard did a fine job filling my normal role as Captain. It was very interesting to see the game from that perspective, especially as the first half brought three superb goals from Emrys, Sam and top goal scorer Serg.

Balmain took the game to Marrickville in the first half with plenty of play from the backs to the midfielders and finally to the strikers. This was accomplished through good positioning, lots of calling and accurate passing when needed. Everyone played like they wanted to win, and this showed as Marrickville really didnít get into the first half at all. When they did break through, Adam was there saving us again, playing like he hadnít missed a game.

As I said before, the goals were great, and were all scored as a result of good attacking play, which was possible because of the strong defence. Well done, lads - a great first half.

The second half saw us get put under a lot of pressure from an ever advancing Marrickville side, determined to get back on terms with our two goal advantage. Although we hardly ever saw their half, we defended as best we could after Marrickville made it 3-2 with 25 minutes to go!

It seemed it was going to be another draw, or even a loss, as defenders cleared the ball away from goal and were scrambling around trying to block shots. With five to go, we had a few more chances of our own, with Sam managing the play and opening up play for the team.

All in all, it was a very good game to watch, and we came away with a very satisfying win. Keep it up, fellas, and weíll have a great chance for the payoffs.

The Pele points go to:

Sam 3 points
Emrys 2 points
Ricky 1 point

Pele medal count:
(points from match reports)

8 Gary
6 Russell
5 Joey, Sam
2 Sergio, Pier, Emrys
1 Carlos, Glenn, Norman, Ricky

Golden Boot count:
(goals scored)

7 Sergio
3 Sam
2 Gary
1 Russell, Glenn, Joey, Emrys