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The Double Header Weekend

MATCH REPORT No 1: by Russell Borman

Match: Balmain AA6B v Enfield
Venue: Easton Park
Date: Saturday 6 June 1998
Time: 1.00pm kick-off

Well, what can I say, Balmain? We are starting to look like a soccer team at last. I have to say that every player gave 100% for the whole ninety minutes, which wasn’t justly rewarded by the 1-0 defeat at full time. Well done, girls.

You could feel the apprehension in the Balmain squad as we all took our places on a fairly muddy, uneven turf - “Is this going to be another defeat with all the good luck going to the other side?” But, after a missed Enfield penalty early in the first half, we woke up to the fact that had been a big let-off. Although the defence were under tremendous pressure for the whole game, they held brilliantly, with Adam saving us from a bigger defeat - top Pele points for him.

I experienced myself that defence is a rough position to play in, after covering for some of the first half, and I was impressed by the hard work and tackles made when needed. Second Pele points go to Glenn in defence, by the narrowest margins. Considering he copped a kick in the nuts, let’s make it two points for two nuts.

Just one minute before half-time, bad luck struck again. A cross from the corner caused a big scramble in the box, the ball came off the crossbar, hit Jamie, and went in. 1-0. Bad luck, guys.

The second half was even better than the first. We held our formation well, and midfield controlled the game, with Ronan making several good runs to set up Serge and Michael, who were both very unlucky not to have scored. The final Pele point to Ronan, then, for controlling the midfield.

Although we controlled the second half, the score stayed the same. But I think everyone would agree that it felt great to play a good game of soccer - well done, lads!!

A point to remember - the second half of the game was controlled by us because of the way we all held our positions, played the game positively and tackled hard, even though we were all tired. Keep that up and every game we play will be a good one - win or lose.

The Pele Medal points go to:

Adam Newcombe 3 points
Glenn Bacic 2 points
Ronan Walsh 1 point

MATCH REPORT No 2: by Con La Spina

Match: Balmain AA6B v Five Dock B
Venue: Nield Park
Date: Monday 8 June 1998
Time: 3.00pm kick-off

Monday’s game proved that luck can overcome skill. It was definitely our best game to date, and it proved that we can play well as a team. The only thing that didn’t go our way was the result (0-1 loss), so let’s continue thinking the same, and next time we play this team we will make sure the result is in our favour.

The first half was a fairly competitive one, in which both sides had goal scoring opportunities, but just couldn’t put them away. Our forwards, Serge and Rocky, played well together, and their switching often had Five Dock’s backs on the run and out of position. Serge had a shot which he would normally have put into the net, but on this occasion the bumpy ground affected the bounce of the ball, resulting in the ball going over the crossbar. The fullbacks, Bruce, Ricky, Jamie and Ian, proved to be as solid as a ‘brick wall’, and relieved some of the pressure on Adam. The halves, Michael, Russell, Ronan and Con, created some good moves, especially with some great crosses from Russell from the wing, but on occasion we left the midfield open for Five Dock to create an attack.

The second half saw Rocky come off and David come on. As a team, we proved that we don’t have to fall apart in the first 10 minutes and give the opposition the start they need (as history has shown). We stuck together as a team and kept attacking. Serge had two shots which just skimmed the left post, and Russell and Ronan kept applying pressure on the Five Dock keeper. The fullbacks again were solid throughout the half and continually resisted the onslaught from Five Dock - even the monstrous 60 metre goalkicks from that Five Dock defender. It was only a split second lapse in communication which resulted in Five Dock getting past our backs and scoring the only goal in the match.

To sum up, the game proved that we can play well as a team and, with a little more communication and fitness, we can only WIN games. This was our best game yet! I believe everyone on the field played well enough to be credited with Pele points, but the points are awarded as follows:

Bruce Smith 3 points
Ricky Onsman, Jamie Flintoff 2 points
Russell Borman 1 point


Match: Balmain AA6B v Five Dock A
Venue: Callan Park
Date: Saturday 13 June 1998
Time: 1.00pm kick-off

Pele medal count:

8 Borman
6 Newcombe
5 Flintoff, Bacic
4 Onsman
2 Austin, Smith, Rosenthal
1 Fiorenza, Walsh (Ronan)