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Newsletter - Thursday 2 June 2005
Published by Balmain Rovers, part of the Balmain & District Soccer Club.
Sydney Amateur League Rd 9

Balmain Rovers v Cabra Vale: Parkes Reserve, Canley Vale: Sat 28 May 2005

No match officials available. Both matches postponed to Sunday 26 June.

Canterbury District Rd 9

Balmain Rovers v Hurlstone Park: Ewen Park, Hurlstone Park: Sat 28 May 2005

Div 7 Match report by Adam White

Following a huge week for Liverpool, Balmain were keen to follow in the footsteps of the gods and pull a win out of the bag. With a shaky opening 15 and going down to an early goal, things were not looking good for our boys. We seemed shaken and unsure of ourselves. Hurlstone Park lost their big centre forward, pushed their centre mid out wide and from that point on they didnít pose a threat.

Robby was the first of our big voices to start being heard on the field, willing our boys back into the game, and before long there was an equaliser: Big Serg with one of those world renowned kicks finding its way through to our big hearted target man, Gotti: 1-1. With some strong words coming from the technical area, things were definitely on the up. Communication was the 12th man on our side at long last and before we knew it, Robby was turning inside the six yard box to flick one in past the keeper: 2-1.

At this point, we went into cruise control with 25 minutes left on the clock. The full backs and the midfield were talking and you could instantly notice the difference. Jacob came off for Tony, though not for lack of effort. Jake had a cracking game and will be watched by the coaching staff closely. It was nice to see the two at the back working well again after Tonyís injury. Gab got to control the ball a lot more and managed to get involved in the last goal, working the ball wide through half the team for Ruben to come in from the far post and slot the winner.

All in all, a stellar performance from Balmain. For the first time, we seem to be talking to one another and using all of the pitch. Midfielders are working alongside fullbacks and getting some much needed width. One or two of our regular top players were off form but still worked hard and it was good to see others finding form and upping their work rate. 3-1.

Goals: Gotaro Uematsu, Roberto Arocha, Ruben Davis
Pele Points: 2 - Gotaro Uematsu, 1 - Ruben Davis, Roberto Arocha, Dale Humphries, Sergio Fiorenza

Balmain Rovers v Burwood A: Centenary Park, Croydon: Sat 28 May 2005

Div 8 Match report by Dave Hanna

The first real winter day of football started positively with the team showing up early and eager to make amends for our previous week's performance. There was an eerie silence as we warmed up because Dean had been selected at centre forward and we weren't subjected to the constant barrage of "I want to play up front...when can I play up front?" After we initiated a local doorknock appeal in search of a volunteer to referee our match, the football Gods decided to perform a miracle and presented us with, not only a qualified referee, but a full complement of linesmen.

The first half commenced at a brisk pace and Burwood had certainly improved since the last time we had drawn with them. Paddy, Matt and Akin were combining well up the left side and we made several sorties into Burwood territory. Burwood were up to the task and countered through the midfield by enticing us to leave our opposite mark. Burwood started to get momentum and if it had not been for the solid defence of Dan, Al, Gavin and Mike at the back and Amir's excellent positioning in the goal, we could have been down by two. However we continued to attack with Dean pushing forward a few times and finally being rewarded with a free kick in front of goal. Dean capitalised on the free kick, putting the ball over the wall, hitting the cross bar and bouncing down over the goal line for our first goal. The score was unchanged at half-time.

We resumed where we left off with Dean heading a Paddy corner into the back of the net for our second goal. Burwood were not finished yet and mounted a few solid attacks into our territory. Dean realised that he had achieved his pre-match goal quota and put his body on the line to combine with Amir to save a goal. Our interchanges were now complete and we now had fresh legs with Ere, Justin and Kader. Not long after we completed the interchanges one of the Burwood boys entered the goal square and viciously assaulted Paddy's knee with his stomach. The referee didn't see what happened clearly and gave the penalty against us. Amir conjured up his reliable black magic to make another penalty attempt soar over the cross bar. We started to make some good ground through the work of Paul, Akin and Justin taking the ball through the middle and pushing it out to the wings. On one such occasion Paul advanced down the field and put through a perfect ball for Dave on the right hand side of the goal square. Dave lined up his shot, struck the ball solidly on spot on target only to be thwarted by a supernatural force that moved the goal box ten metres to the left. The game finished with Balmain winning 2-0.

Goals: Dean Lenz (2)
Pele Points: 2 - Amir Hatami, 1 - Dean Lenz, Paddy Denvir, Gavin Carey, Akin Karaca

Futsal Update

On 26 May, Balmain Rovers picked up a win against Glebe Albion in the Thursday 2nd Division of the Indoor 5s competition, locking up fourth position and a place in the semis this week. Semi Final: Rovers v Euro Trash, 8pm, Thursday 2 June, Sydney University. NSW Futsal site

Award Standings

Pele Medal (all teams)
15 --- Andy McLeod
9 ---- Simon Goodman, Jim Wragg
8 ---- Dean Lenz, Drew Schaper, Stewart Shaw
7 ---- Roberto Arocha, Gavin Carey, Gabe Cataldo, Rob Liney
6 ---- Pete Boyle, Paddy Denvir, Dale Humphries, Kristian Wiles
5 ---- Rich Briscoe, Martyn Farnworth, Ben Jones, Matt Mahony, Marshall Moir
4 ---- Amir Hatami, Tony Madau, Cormac O'Shea, Erin Owens, Richard Raward, Ere Sihalath
3 ---- Michael Bosnich, Jacob Cavallaro, Dan Higson, Michael Penman, Dom Salomoni, Mike Stubbs, Antoon Visser, Paul Wright
2 ---- Steve Adams, Steve Ashcroft, Morgan Bowling, Ruben Davis, Omar Elsadik, Allan Frydman, Dave Hanna, Andy Henderson, Matt Linton, Jeff See, Nick Vince, Dan Whaite
1 ---- Steve Ashton, Sergio Fiorenza, Ben Jones, Akin Karaca, Justan Kitchener, Ricky Onsman, Tony Unsworth, Adam White

Golden Boot (all teams)
19 --- Rob Liney
11 --- Simon Goodman
10 --- Andy McLeod
5 ---- Steve Ashton, Paddy Denvir, Paul Wright
4 ---- Roberto Arocha, Martyn Farnworth, Dean Lenz, Jeff See
3 ---- Rich Briscoe, Tony Unsworth
2 ---- Steve Ashcroft, Dale Humphries, Ben Jones, Cormac O'Shea, Kader Tamsaouit, Nick Vince, Gotaro Uematsu, Antoon Visser, Dan Whaite, Adam White
1 ---- Pete Boyle, Ruben Davis, Sergio Fiorenza, Dave Ford, David Hull, Colin Mitchell, Michael Penman, Ere Sihalath, Mike Stubbs, Gotaro Uematsu

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SAFL Firsts & Reserves v Strathfield - Strathfield Park, Strathfield, 1pm & 3pm Sat 4 June
CDFSA Div 7 v Enfield A - Callan Park, Rozelle, 3pm Sat 4 June
CDSFA Div 8 v Strathfield - Callan Park, Rozelle, 1.15pm Sat 4 June

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Thursday 2 June 2005
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