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Newsletter - Wednesday 10 August 2005
Published by Balmain Rovers, part of the Balmain & District Soccer Club.
Sydney Amateur League Rd 18

Balmain Rovers v Prestons/Racing: Wentworth Park, Glebe: Sat 6 August 2005

Reserves match report by Ricky Onsman

Both sides had plenty to play for in this match. Balmain Rovers had to win to retain hopes of winning the Reserve Grade premiership. Prestons/Racing needed a win to separate themselves from the three other teams vying for fourth place and a spot in the knockout finals. For once, Coach Shaw's exhortations to start the game with full energy and commitment were heeded, which was just as well as the visitors were also keen to break through early. Appointed captain for the day (rather to his surprise), Erin took command from the back and organised his defence well, however, and Rovers were able to mount as many attacks as it was forced to repel.

About 20 minutes in, Dutch import Martijn Baars displayed some lovely individual opportunism, pushing forward into the attacking third of the field relatively unhindered and chipping the opposition goalkeeper to put Rovers on the scoreboard. Dave Ford similar flair and determination on the right side of the field to frequently bring the ball forward and lay it off for Rob and Tony to further test the Prestons defence. At the other end, Rovers defence held firm while the much maligned Wentworth Park also played a role in defying the Prestons attack.

Prestons started the second half with clear intentions to wrest back control of the match, but were initially held at bay. However, Rovers didn't seem as well organised as before and made some planned substitutions. Tony, Ricky and Martijn came off, making way for Andy, Wootty and Gareth. In no time at all, the visitors had put two goals past the previously impregnable Drew Schaper, and it seemed the shot at the title could be slipping away. The subs settled in however, and Rovers went back to putting the pressure on Prestons. Rob made a few solo runs - and a few more solo runs. Then Kristian maintained his recent run of sparkling form to put away the equaliser, and Prestons looked very vulnerable again.

Prestons were still throwing themselves at the Balmain defence but without success. Drew seemed to grow in stature, dominating his area in Shaw-like fashion. There wasn't a lot of time left on the clock when Captain Owens sent Jim Wragg into the box to contest yet another Balmain Rovers corner. The Yorkshireman rose majestically to head the ball authoritatively into the net, giving the Prestons goalkeeper no chance. And there it ended, with Rovers' unbeaten streak extended to seven. As it turned out, Botany also won so they remain top on goal difference, while the three teams locked on 18 points with Prestons also remained winless. 3-2.

Goals: Martijn Baars, Kristian Wiles, Jim Wragg
Pele Points: 3 - Erin Owens, 2 - Drew Schaper, 1 - David Ford

Firsts match report by Michael Penman

It was yet another balmy winters day in Sydney, 21 degrees I think, when the Balmain lads strolled out on to the park at Wentworth Beach. At times during the game it was difficult to see which team had the ball as the sand was forming a cloud around the infamous home ground pitch. Well the boys started strongly and had some good moves on, only to have the ref blow his whistle every time the sand got in his jock strap, which seemed to be rather often


A swift move out of defence saw Rob receive the ball in his own half, turn quickly and put a perfect pass through to Martyn who had only the keeper to beat … but he missed! But well done Rob, many thought you were shooting from within your own half but this is the new Rob who hasn't scored for weeks now but loves to pass all day long! Andy’s strong game dominated the midfield with strong tackles throughout (only to be pulled up constantly by the ref) but alas Prestons managed to pass around our defence twice to score. Let's not forget Jeff’s spectacular goal saving effort though, when the ball was kicked powerfully into his stomach forcing him to fall over backwards into the goal, with the ball dropping down onto the line to be cleared by the mighty defence.

It is also worth noting that Marsh apparently was playing in the centre of the park with Andy M, but none of the spectators or players realised this until after the game, when he whinged about how hard it was up there, especially on his old body. 0-2.

Pele Points: 3 - Andy McLeod, 1 - Martyn Farnworth, Dom Salomoni, Mike Stubbs

Canterbury District Round Robin

Balmain Rovers v Hurlstone Park: Callan Park, Rozelle: Sat 6 August 2005

Div 7 Match report by Adam White

What can I say about this game? For 75 minutes we peppered their goal, then by the luck of the gods they scored from long range. Then we peppered their goal for a further 15 minutes. The game was very well natured - which makes a change - and the only person on the pitch who really didn't have a clue was the ref. I guess sometimes you just have to lose. 0-1.

Pele Points: 3 - Tony Madau, 2 - Dan Whaite, 1 - Morgan Bowling

Balmain Rovers v Strathfield: Strathfield Park, Strathfield: Sat 6 August 2005

Div 8 Match report by Akin Karaca

It was a perfect day for football and Rovers were sharpened for another glorious win. The ref couldn't wait to start the game, even before Amir put his gloves on. Strathfield scored the first goal straight after the kick-off whistle. Such a big shock! 10th second and it was 0-1. It didn't take long for Rovers to take the control of the game. Rovers were playing probably one of the best games of this season: defenders building attacks from the back, loads of first-time-balls and give-and-goes from midfielders, attackers spreading the field and creating open spaces in the attacking third. Strathfield’s flat defence allowed our attackers to break away. Midfielders - including your modest reporter - showed some skill on the ball, easily dribbled through Strathfield’s over-committing defenders and delivered some great balls, but it was Strathfield’s lucky day.

Rovers’ pressure gradually got stronger and stronger and by the 20th minute the game was only being played in our attacking half. Rovers had a free-kick from around ten metres from the penalty box. The trusty free-kicker Dean was behind the ball. He kicked one of his famous inswingers that curved around the wall and found Paddy’s head. Paddy - as expected of him - scored a marvellous header that cleaned the spider webs out of the corner of the goal. 1-1.The rest of Rovers’ attacks didn't change the score.

The second half was as bad as the first half was good. Strathfield showed a fair few boom-balls - so did we. Rovers lost the control of the game and a very average 2nd half took place. Defenders had to work a bit harder this half and they managed well. Gavin and Mike had strength on the ball and Gavin carried a good number of balls to midfield. And yet there was another great goal to come for Rovers from the happy couple. Another killer ball by Dean and a great half-volley from Paddy, struck with the laces. Both goals and assists were the very best of their kind. 2-1.

Goals: Paddy Denvir
Pele Points: 2 - Paddy Denvir, 1 - Dean Lenz, Gavin Carey, Michael Bosnich, Paul Wright

Award Standings

Pele Medal (all teams)
23 --- Andy McLeod
20 --- Marshall Moir
15 --- Stewart Shaw
14 --- Tony Madau
13 --- Drew Schaper
12 --- Gavin Carey, Gabe Cataldo, Dean Lenz, Erin Owens
11 --- Dale Humphries, Rob Liney, Jim Wragg
10 --- Pete Boyle, Paddy Denvir, Martyn Farnworth, Simon Goodman, Kristian Wiles, Mark Wootton
9 ---- Roberto Arocha, Michael Penman
8 ---- Rich Briscoe, Paul Wright
7 ---- Jacob Cavallaro, Amir Hatami, Matt Mahony, Richard Raward, Dom Salomoni, Mike Stubbs
6 ---- Ben Jones
5 ---- Michael Bosnich, Cormac O'Shea, Tony Unsworth, Nick Vince, Dan Whaite, Adam White, Gareth Williams
4 ---- Steve Ashcroft, Brendan Coutts, Omar Elsadik, Dave Hanna, Akin Karaca, Jeff See, Ere Sihalath
3 ---- Morgan Bowling, Allan Frydman, Ruben Davis, Dan Higson, Matt Linton, Ricky Onsman, Antoon Visser
2 ---- Steve Adams, Andy Henderson, Justan Kitchener, Gotaru Uematsu
1 ---- Steve Ashton, Sergio Fiorenza, David Ford

Golden Boot (all teams)
32 --- Rob Liney
18 --- Simon Goodman
17 --- Andy McLeod
9 ---- Paddy Denvir
7 ---- Roberto Arocha, Martyn Farnworth, Paul Wright
6 ---- Dean Lenz
5 ---- Steve Ashcroft, Steve Ashton, Rich Briscoe, Jeff See, Mike Stubbs, Tony Unsworth, Antoon Visser, Adam White
3 ---- Sergio Fiorenza, Dave Ford, Dale Humphries, Ben Jones, Colin Mitchell, Cormac O'Shea, Dan Whaite, Kristian Wiles
2 ---- Jacob Cavallaro, Ruben Davis, Michael Penman, Kader Tamsaouit, Gotaro Uematsu, Nick Vince
1 ---- Martijn Baars, Pete Boyle, Gabe Cataldo, Brendan Coutts, David Hull, Akin Karaca, Ere Sihalath, James Wragg

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SAFL Firsts & Reserves v Cabra Vale - Wentworth Park, Glebe, 3pm & 1pm Sat 13 August
CDFSA Div 7 v Enfield B - Callan Park, Rozelle, 1.15pm Sat 13 August
CDSFA Div 8 v Burwood A - Birchgrove Oval, Birchgrove, 3pm Sat 13 August

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