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Newsletter - Wednesday 13 July 2005
Published by Balmain Rovers, part of the Balmain & District Soccer Club.
Sydney Amateur League Rd 15

Balmain Rovers v Arncliffe Aurora: Wentworth Park, Glebe: Sat 8 July 2005

Reserves match report by Martijn Baars

On a nice winter Saturday, Reserves took the field for the first match of the second half of the season, having qualified to play in Division 1 and following the washout of last week's match against Leichhardt. Todayís opponent was Arncliffe Aurora, a team we played a few weeks ago and drew with 4-4 after an up and down game. With the top of the table teams so close - the top six within 2 points - this was an important match. A win would keep Rovers on top and increase the difference with Arncliffe to 4 points.

Rovers start to the match was sluggish. Arncliffe took control and created a few opportunities but any immediate danger was repelled by Stew. However, Rovers were not able to create any pressure on Arncliffe's defence. Maybe the linesman was partly to blame for that - he was relentless with getting his flag up to any forward attempts of the Rovers. This resulted in the first goal for Arncliffe. After a goal kick, Rovers stood watching and three Arncliffe players stormed through to Stewie's goal. Stew saved the first attempt but on the rebound was left chanceless. The goal seemed to wake up Rovers. We started to defend better and were at last moving forward. No great opportunities were created, except for the ones that came from Tony's throw-ins. And indeed, the equaliser was scored by Kristian after a flick header from a long throw-in by Tony. Half-time was reached with the score at 1-1.

The beginning of the second half was all Rovers. Without the difficulty of having to overcome a linesman, more chances were created. Rob made the score 2-1 after an Adriano-like shot from a difficult angle, blasting the ball past the keeper in the far corner. He made it 3-1 just 15 minutes later after a fast counter attack from the Rovers. This more or less settled the game. Arncliffe did not have the strength to fight back, to the disappointment of at least one of their players. He received a first yellow card for a stupid and unnecessary tackle. After he was booked, he seemed to be pissed off at the whole world except himself and soon received a second yellow card for pushing Ricky's face away and threatening some other players. Arncliffe did get one goal back just before full-ttime but Rovers' win was never in great danger. The win secured Rovers a place at the top of the table and as a real contender for the title. 3-2.

Goals: Rob Liney (2), Kristian Wiles
Pele Points: 3 - Stewart Shaw, 2 - Michael Penman, 1 - Kristian Wiles

Firsts match report by Mike Stubbs

Three weeks previously Rovers had inflicted the only league defeat to date suffered by the Arncliffe first grade team. Today Arncliffe had their revenge, and romped home with a 6-1 margin that was never in doubt, and could easily have reached double figures. Scoring three goals in each half before Balmain could muster a late consolation goal; the away side were in control from start to finish. At times the Arncliffe football was of unanswerable quality, such as for goal number 5, when their number 11 jinked past three or more Rovers challenges and lashed the ball on the turn into the top corner from 20 yards. Thereís no doubt this team deserve their top spot.

Balmain did have the odd chance, and in fact could have taken the lead early on when Briscoe put Stubbs through only for the keeper to narrow the angle and make the save. It was a good 80 minutes before Rovers' next chance of note as Farnworth latched onto an Arncliffe error and slotted into an unguarded net from 10 yards.

Some good spirit was shown in patches by the boys in orange and although defeat was taken a little lightly, the result seemed written in stone. Many thanks to those who doubled up and played for both teams on Saturday - notably Mark Wootton who played 180 minutes outfield yet again. Also to Shaw, whose saves on numerous occasions kept the score from getting silly.

Moving on, a change of tone is required for the next game vs. Botany, with Roversí record against top-half sides far from impressive. At this stage it looks as though the away win at Arncliffe in Round 12 could prove the seasonís pinnacle. 1-6.

Goals: Martyn Farnworth
Pele Points: 1 - Rich Briscoe, Martyn Farnworth, Jeff See, Stewart Shaw, Gareth Williams, Mark Wootton

Canterbury District

Following the washout of Round 13 on 2 July, CSDFA decided to stick to its planned free weekend for 9 July. Competition resumes this weekend with replays of the Round 13 matches.

Award Standings

Pele Medal (all teams)
17 --- Andy McLeod, Marshall Moir
15 --- Stewart Shaw
12 --- Gabe Cataldo
11 --- Jim Wragg
10 --- Pete Boyle, Simon Goodman
9 ---- Dean Lenz, Rob Liney, Michael Penman
8 ---- Roberto Arocha, Rich Briscoe, Martyn Farnworth, Dale Humphries, Tony Madau, Drew Schaper
7 ---- Gavin Carey, Paddy Denvir, Amir Hatami, Erin Owens, Richard Raward, Kristian Wiles
6 ---- Jacob Cavallaro, Ben Jones, Dom Salomoni, Mark Wootton
5 ---- Matt Mahony, Mike Stubbs, Tony Unsworth, Nick Vince, Paul Wright
4 ---- Steve Ashcroft, Michael Bosnich, Brendan Coutts, Cormac O'Shea, Jeff See, Ere Sihalath
3 ---- Dan Higson, Matt Linton, Ricky Onsman, Antoon Visser, Gareth Williams
2 ---- Steve Adams, Morgan Bowling, Ruben Davis, Omar Elsadik, Allan Frydman, Dave Hanna, Andy Henderson, Justan Kitchener, Dan Whaite, Adam White
1 ---- Steve Ashton, Sergio Fiorenza, Akin Karaca

Golden Boot (all teams)
31 --- Rob Liney
15 --- Simon Goodman
13 --- Andy McLeod
7 ---- Paddy Denvir, Martyn Farnworth
6 ---- Roberto Arocha
5 ---- Steve Ashcroft, Steve Ashton, Dean Lenz, Jeff See, Tony Unsworth, Paul Wright
4 ---- Rich Briscoe, Mike Stubbs
3 ---- Dave Ford, Ben Jones, Cormac O'Shea, Adam White
2 ---- Ruben Davis, Sergio Fiorenza, Dale Humphries, Colin Mitchell, Michael Penman, Kader Tamsaouit, Nick Vince, Antoon Visser, Dan Whaite
1 ---- Pete Boyle, Gabe Cataldo, Jacob Cavallaro, Brendan Coutts, David Hull, Ere Sihalath, Gotaro Uematsu, Kristian Wiles

Next ...

SAFL Firsts & Reserves v Botany United - Wentworth Park, Glebe, 1pm & 3pm Sat 16 July
CDFSA Div 7 v Strathfield - Strathfield Park, Strathfield, 1.15pm Sat 16 July
CDSFA Div 8 v Burwood C - Centenary Park East, Croydon, 1.15pm Sat 16 July

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