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Newsletter - Wednesday 28 April 2004
Published by Balmain Rovers, part of the Balmain & District Soccer Club.

Editorial: Les Clarke
As pointed out in the Reserves match report, the Anzac spirit was alive and well during our matches against Racing last weekend. We showed last year's first grade champions that we could play some excellent football, and we will continue to improve. The scorelines have not truly reflected some genuinely good performances on our part, but the results will no doubt start coming for us soon!

Well done to all players for their efforts on Sunday, and to those that are injured we hope you recover quickly and well. This Saturday, our Round 4 matches will be played against Dobroyd Gunners at Algie Park, Haberfield. Reserves kick off at 1pm whilst Firsts begin their match at 3 pm. Check under the Venues icon on the left of screen for links to direct you to the venue.

Good luck for the weekend!


Sydney Amateur League Round 2

Balmain Rovers v Preston/Racing
Callan Park, Rozelle
Sunday 25 April 2004
Reserves Kick-off 1pm
Firsts Kick-off 3pm


Reserves: Match Report by Matt Linton
We all arrived with a smile and a good attitude when what we really should have brought was a machete each to get through the unmown grass. Old legs struggle enough without having to wade through thigh deep vegetation as well.

But at least the weather was on our side. What a glorious day for a game of football! Rumours of the size of the Racing footballers was well exaggerated, and after having caught sight of the rather diminutive goalkeeper I thought we were in with a good chance of a win. Sadly the first goal came too quickly, and for the wrong team. It was a fairly well worked move by Racing but really should have been defused. I just couldn't get my legs moving fast enough to cover and the ball was tucked away in the net.

Lesser teams may have crumbled but the mighty resolve of Balmain Reserves was proven within a few minutes. A marvellous through ball sent Serge scurrying toward goal, clear of defenders. With precision and poise he powered the ball into the back of the net. 1-1 and game on!

There are some days we all wish we could forget and for one of our team I'm certain this was one of them. But as we all know there are 10 players to get through before the ball gets to the goalie and all we can do is our best. Two fairly quick goals saw us tumble to 3-1 down, and for the rest of the first half we lost our way a bit.

It was fitting that this game should be played on the ANZAC weekend; the digger spirit was alive and well, and in one of our men in particular. After a heavy fall Ricky Onsman was clearly in some pain but refused to go off, insisting he could carry on. It wasn't until half time when he removed his shirt that we saw how asymmetrical his shoulders had become - a dislocation that required hospital treatment. No prizes for guessing who gets 3 Pele points this week!

The second half is far less clear in my mind than the first, but it was obvious that the fighting spirit had returned to the Men in Orange. There was some great passing going on, and some real urgency about our play. We were getting to the ball a lot faster and making some good attacks on goal. Unfortunately the Racing defence held and we were unable to convert opportunities into goals. Even more unfortunate was that Racing grabbed two more goals before the end of the game.

The final result really did not reflect the effort we put in and but for a few unlucky breaks, it could have been much closer.


Pele points:
3 - Ricky (for service above and beyond the call of duty)
2 - Sergio (for a glorious goal in his 100th game)
1 - Jeff (for never giving up)


Firsts: Match Report by Sergio Fiorenza
It was a lovely sunny Sunday afternoon at Callan Park - perfect for a game of football in fact.

The Firsts had just seen the Reserves lose out to Racing - somewhat unluckily - and wondered what their game would have in store for them. Racing had won the comp last season and we knew nothing about them. Were they fast? Or South American? As it turns out they were neither, but they were quite big and strong, and difficult to move off the ball.

Rovers were not without their own strengths however and the game became a see-saw affair, with both sides having their chances to score. Unfortunately, Racing were the first side to score - a scrambling lucky effort - and they got another soon after, making the score 0-2 their way at half-time. However, as our boys came out for the second half, they looked fresher than the Racing players, who may well have had their focus on a Monday cup game against Arncliffe.

Our own Man of Steel (Sheffield, that is) Rob "I could score in a house of disrepute" Liney quickly pulled a goal back just after the restart, and it was game on. But the football gods were not smiling on us this day and Racing got a lucky penalty, then soon after added a fourth. Rob got another one back to give him four from three for the season, but it was too little too late. With a bit more luck we could have got a result, but better luck next time boys!!

Rob (2)

Pele Points:
3 - Miles
2 - Rob
1 - Ben


Award Standings

Pele Medal

5 ---- Chris Daley
4 ---- Ben Jones, Miles Martin
3 ---- Les Clarke, Ricky Onsman, Dominic Salomoni
2 ---- Simon Bush, Sergio Fiorenza, Dave Hull, Dean Lenz, Rob Liney, Radan Sturm
1 ---- Jeff See, Stewart Shaw

Golden Boot

4 ---- Rob Liney 2 ---- Dom Salomoni, Radan Sturm
1 ---- Simon Bush, Chris Daley, Dave Griffiths, Sergio Fiorenza


Next Match

Saturday 1 May 2004:
Home to Dobroyd Gunners @ Algie Park, Haberfield


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Wednesday 28 April 2004
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