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Newsletter - Wednesday 18 August 2004
Published by Balmain Rovers, part of the Balmain & District Soccer Club.

Sydney Amateur League

Balmain Rovers v Academics
Jardine Park, Casula
Sunday 15 August 2004
Reserves Kick-off 12.30pm
Firsts Kick-off 2.30pm


Reserves: Match Report by Richard Raward
Quite a way to travel for everyone this week and despite some doomsayers stating that everyone would be late or lost forever in the back streets of Liverpool, the entire Reserves team had arrived by 12:15, a feat so incredible it was decided to celebrate with a pitch inspection. Of course by now we had all become accustomed to playing on concrete pitches and this track was no different. Only this one had hills in it. Mmmm ... interesting.

Our usual jog and stretch routine done, the time came for the kick-off and the boys were pumped for a big win to cement a place in the top four and assure a finals berth. Contrary to most of the first halves of the season Rovers came out blazing, with beautiful ball control in the middle of the park - Captain Courageous Steve Adams making his presence felt in midfield with almost brutal efficiency. It seemed that the lazy first half hoodoo had finally vanished and Rovers were ready to control the whole game which was illustrated by the Pier/Dave H combination that resulted in a Dave H punch to the back of the net. Rovers had scored first after just ten minutes. The control that had led to the stranglehold Rovers had over the game seemed to dissipate after Academics struck back at the 20 min mark after a simple bungle in the backline.

From here Rovers found it hard going in the final 20 minutes of the first half, the earlier confidence ebbing away after a second Academics goal from a corner and a third that was almost a copy of the first. Half time sounded, the score looking grim at 3-1 to the Academics and the Rovers backline doing some soul searching.

The second half was a much closer affair with the words of Serge echoing in our ears 'This is the season boys, you want it or not?!' The fire stoked up in the bellies of the lads, and Rovers began to claw back into the game through sheer determination. Dave H, Dean, Steve and Mick played as though possessed by football demons, challenging and winning balls through the centre of the park. Dave H was flashing down the sideline at any given opportunity, supplying balls across the face of goals until eventually the hard work paid off. Through a mass of players in the box, Mick delivered a mighty strike to the ball and sent it to the back of the net (his first goal for Rovers) to the jubilation of his team-mates. With only the season to play for, game on.

Despite looking threatening for the rest of the half, with Serge and Steve coming oh-so-heartbreakingly close, Rovers had left their run a little late. The full time whistle sounded, defeat was handed to us and the breeze blew cold from the south.

Although Rovers were beaten, it was a great effort by all the boys this week - the quality of play seems to be improving all the time, something that our opponents for the rest of the season are going to find out! Nice one lads.

Dave H, Michael

Pele points:
3 - Steve
1 - Dave H
1 - Mick


Firsts: Match Report by Stewart Shaw
There was nearly a need for passports, but a definite need for map readers, toll money and loads of time to get to this, the furthest game from our comfort area of Inner West Sydney. As with the Reserves, it seemed that the further away the team went the more likely it was that we there on time and ready for the game. This is something that has not been lost on the Managers and there is thought that next year our home games might be played in Lithgow.

The Rovers were the better team on the day, there was no doubt about that. With a pitch that had some strange patches of green stuff on it, but a base of concrete, the Academics didn't have the chance to get into any type of passing game. This suited the Rovers and we had some early chances including a cracking free kick from outside of the box by "Super Boot" Rob. It swirled in the wind, dipped at the right time and rattled the crossbar away from the reach of the keeper.

We were disappointed to be 0-0 at half time, thinking that we deserved a lot better. It took an Academics penalty in the second half for us to realise that this may not necessarily be a walk in the park. 1-0 down and the question to the ref was "How long to go?". The answer - "18 Minutes". It was going to be tight. The comment to the team during an injury break was (and I won't mention names), "I didn't come all this way to lose to THESE ....", and then it was on.

The ball was moving well down the left and a deft pass (yes, pass) from Rob to Dave (Jake) G and we had it all square. Academics fell apart from there, while we picked up a gear. Another three goals in quick succession: Rob taking the ball, the keeper's wrist and the back of the net for the second, Ben having some space on the 18 yard line and placing the ball around the keeper for the third and Rob cementing our position with the fourth just on 89. Final score 4-1.

Rob 2, Dave (Jake) G, Ben

Pele Points:
2 - Dave (Jake) G
1 - Ben
1 - Rob
1 - Jeff
1 - Bushy


Futsal Report by Stewart Shaw
Rovers v Torpedo Ultimo, Thursday 12 August

Rovers won 2-1.

Next match: Rovers v The Jets, 8.40pm, Thursday 19 August, Sydney University.

NSW Futsal site


Award Standings

Pele Medal

17 -- Ben Jones
14 -- Marshall Moir
13 -- Stewart Shaw
11 -- Rob Liney
10 -- Jeff See, Gotaro Uematsu
9 ---- Steve Adams, Ricky Onsman, Dominic Salomoni
8 ---- Morgan Bowling, Chris Daley, Sergio Fiorenza, Dave Hull, Richard Raward
7 ---- Miles Martin
6 ---- Simon Bush, Michael Penman
5 ---- Les Clarke, Brendan Coutts, Allan Frydman, Dave Giacobbe
4 ---- Nick Vince, Dan Whaite, Kristian Wiles
3 ---- Ruben Davis, Dean Lenz, Matt Linton, Jim Wragg
2 ---- Glenn Bacic, Dave Griffiths, Radan Sturm
1 ---- Rick Currie, Pier D'Angelo, Bruce Fackerell

Golden Boot

20 -- Rob Liney
10 -- Sergio Fiorenza
5 ---- Dave Griffiths, Jeff See
4 ---- Ben Jones, Gotaro Uematsu
2 ---- Simon Bush, Dave Giacobbe, Dave Hull, Dom Salomoni, Radan Sturm
1 ---- Brendan Coutts, Chris Daley, Ruben Davis, Marshall Moir, Ricky Onsman, Michael Penman, Kristian Wiles


Next Match

Sunday 22 August 2004:
Away to Sydney Alliance @ Ron Darcy Reserve, Miller


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