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Newsletter - Wednesday 5 February 2003 beerbeer

This newsletter is published by Balmain Rovers,
part of the Balmain & District Soccer Club.
The Annandale Hotel is the major sponsor of Balmain Rovers.

Another year - another Balmain Rovers team. That appears to be the case as preparations get underway for Season 2003 (OK, it's a bit later than usual but I had a holiday, alright?). Our three teams all made the Finals last year, and while only the Thirds reached the Grand Final, there seems to be enough interest from new players to add a fourth team this year.

First things first, of course. We are part of Balmain Soccer Club and all prospective players for this year need to register with the club. If you played last year, this will require the filling in of a registration form and the handing over of $176 (if you think this is pricey, check out some other club fees: $250+ is not uncommon). If you did not play last for us last year, you will also need to provide two passport-sized photos and a photocopy of some photo ID (eg driver's licence, passport).

The club is accepting registrations at Callan Park (see map under Venues on our website) on Wednesday 5 Feb (today) from 6pm-8pm and Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 Feb from 10am-2pm. If you are a current player and intend to register at one of these sessions, contact me (Ricky, tall bloke, too old but he runs the website, sooo ... - email me or phone me on 0408 210 127) and I'll give you your ID number. If you can't make one of these sessions, it is important you let me know ASAP. It should be possible to register later but it would be wise to let the club know.

Once we have players registered with the club, we can submit team registrations, where players are listed in groups of at least nine and up to 16 - with a Manager - and are then graded by the club. Last year, we had teams in Division 3 First Grade (unbeaten minor Premiers, came to grief in the Finals), Division 3 Reserves (3rd after home and away, a win by forfeit and a loss in the Finals) and Division 4 Reserves (2nd after home and away, defeated by minor Premiers in Grand Final). This year, we could aim for teams in Division 2 First Grade and Reserves, and Division 3 First Grade and Reserves - with a fallback position of Division 3 and Division 4 respectively.

We want to have a Manager for each team. This could be a Player/Manager or a non-playing Manager. A Firsts player could Manage a Reserves team and vice versa. We would be seeking to retain the format whereby the Firsts and Reserves teams are regarded as squads, with players selected to play up or down as appropriate, within the rules of the Association.

Formal training has not yet commenced, but will do so soon. We will be having a kick around on Saturday mornings from 10am-12noon at Wentworth Park in Glebe (see Venues on the website), at least until we can get on to our regular training ground. I'm in favour of retaining Cohen Park (see Venues etc) on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7pm-9pm. If you have other preferences, let me know (other days, times or venues).

If you want to be taken off the email list of players or newsletter recipients, let me know. The newsletter will start appearing regularly again from now on, while key messages for players only will be sent to the players email distribution list. Please be aware that some players access these emails at work, where their employers may frown on (or electronically ban) messages with offensive content and/or large or suspect attachments. Once player lists are complete, contact details will be made available and it may be wiser to restrict the more amusing messages to a personally compiled email list rather than the official Rovers list. End of wowser-like disclaimer.

On a personal note, I will be restricting my involvement with Balmain Rovers somewhat this year to allow more time for family commitments. I believe this is feasible for me, and hopefully also for some of you who are also starting families. If we're sensible about it, we should be able to juggle the two.

I will post general info to the website soon about what it means and what it takes to play for Balmain Rovers, as well as occasional notices in between newsletters and email announcements. Below, you'll find some items that have come to my attention over the past few weeks, which may be of more or less practical interest to you. Look forward to seeing you all soon.



The Annandale Hotel

17-19 Parramatta Rd, Annandale
Ph 9550 1078

Negotiations have yet to be entered into with our previous sponsor, the Annandale Hotel, but I'm hopeful we can continue and expand on our relationship with Dan & Matt at the Anno. If all goes well, we will probably have a few sessions at the pub before the season starts to reacquaint ourselves with each ther. In the meantime, for a full rundown of happenings at the Annandale, click on the image below -


The Rovers Inbox
This email is to inform you about a new football forum: Football Forums. We hope you can come and help get the forum started with some posts, and to help create a successful community. If you have some spare time on your hands you may wish to apply to the moderating team, and help moderate the forums.

Regards team


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You are invited to participate in the 3rd annual Beach Soccer Championships at South West Rocks on the 22nd and 23rd February 2003. Divisions include Open Mens and O35's with total prize money of $5000. For full information and entry form, please go to our website

Thank You
Mark Bradney
Macleay Valley Rangers SC


FOOTBALLCRESTS.COM is a unique non-profit making website based in England that looks at the meaning and history of football (soccer) club crests & badges from around the world. We are currently attempting to contact as many clubs as possible to offer them a totally free page on the site (which will include a direct weblink to your own official club site).

We would now like to feature your clubs's crest. To do this all we need from you is the following:

1) A crest to use. Preferably this should be in electronic format (JPEG / TIFF / GIF / BMP) attached to an email and suitable for use at 200x200 pixels at 72 dpi. If this is not possible, however, we can provide you with a postal address to send a printed crest that we can scan.

2) Your written permission on behalf of the club that we can display your crest on FOOTBALLCRESTS.COM (an official email reply would be fine).

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4) Please also include the following information so that we can complete a standard FOOTBALLCRESTS.COM page: (i) The date the crest was created/first used, (ii) the year your club was formed, (iii) your club colours, (iv) the full name and division your first team currently plays in, and (v) the name of your home stadium.

If you get the chance, before sending your information, please do visit and take a look at the pages of a few other clubs (they vary in length considerably depending on the amount of information we have about the crests) then you will see the type of information we are looking for.

We hope to hear back from you soon!

Best wishes,

Chris Munns



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Dear Soccer Friends,

I am a great soccer fan and as a collector of soccer pins of all countries of the world I would be very grateful and proud for sending me please the metal lapel pin (the metal lapel badge) of the Balmain Rovers.

Thank you very much in advance and good luck to your club and to all his members!

Best greetings from Europe and Merry Christmas!

Gottfried Balzli
Jupiterstr. 7/1352
CH - 3015 Berne

This is just one of about 20 requests for a Balmain Rovers pin or badge - maybe we should get one



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Wednesday 5 February 2003