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Newsletter - Thursday 25 July 2002 beerbeer

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Match Report 1
Balmain Rovers 4A Reserves v Enfield Reserves
Easton Park, Rozelle
Sat 20 July 2002
Kick-off 1.15pm
Report by Darren Lynn

With the end of the season fast approaching and Thirds needing to consolidate our position in the top four, this match against top-of-the-table Enfield was extremely important to us. The day started out gloriously. As I left sunny Bondi and headed into the inner city, I was thinking "Can this day get any better"? My prayers were answered - it did get better.

With only 11 players available to us - myself and Fergal out injured, Mike W having to return home to NZ and Adam F enjoying the sights and wonders that is the snow - we took to the field with our now standard formation which is classified information, but this formation had a few twists to it. With the striking prowess of Darren L and Fergal not available, Rovers were forced to improvise, and what an improvisation this proved to be.

Starting the game with a one minute silence for Mike W's mother who sadly passed away last week, the game got under way and from the outset, Rovers Thirds looked the team to beat, passing the ball around with consummate ease and frustrating Enfield very early on. It wasn't long before Rovers went ahead with some stunning football. It went something a little like this: Richard to Phil to Adam B to Jared (who beat two players) to Phil to Adam B to Darren T to Adam B who put in a pin-point accurate cross that Mike B headed home with authority (it was that powerful it went through the back of the net). Rovers 1-0 up and well in control of the match.

Enfield seemed to have been woken up at this stage of the game and decided to play some football, and play they did. With some good strong runs from their midfield and switching of play, they had the Rovers defence stretched. But in the end, it came down to Enfield players not passing the ball and the inability of a few of their players to take a shot with the left foot, plus some inspired keeping from Spoz to keep them scoreless. At the end of the first half a chance fell to Darren T who gladly took the opportunity only to be beaten by the far post.

So bring on the second half, and it started pretty much the way the first half ended, with Rovers on top, but this wasn't to last long. For a good portion of the second half Enfield had a lot of the ball and Rovers were forced to defend, with some easy chances falling to Enfield who couldn't convert (thanks to Spoz). Rovers picked up their game again. With some wonderful play through the midfield and one of the best through balls I've seen all season from Darren T, Mike B ran onto the ball and in a one-on-one situation with the Enfield keeper, slotted the ball nicely past him. 2-0 Rovers.

This spectator was in awe of the Rovers team on the park this day. Now I could only hope and pray that we managed to keep the game in our posession. At times it was nail-biting stuff, especially with about 10 mins to go. Enfield were through on goal, and in the scramble that was our defence Richard cleared the ball, but in the most stressing of ways. His clearance cannoned onto the far post, bounced across goal to an Enfield player who scuffed the shot into a Rovers defender who cleared it to an Enfield player who then graciously tapped the ball to Spoz for an easy safe. Heart in the mouth stuff I can tell you this. It produced a laugh from our defence, so I knew it was all good.

With the final whistle blowing, it was time for Rovers to celebrate. Well done lads, it was some inspired play and a gutsy win! And I think Mike B summed it up the best at the end of the game when he said to me "Now I know why you play striker, scoring goals in a game like this is better then sex!" (Don't worry, Mrs Mike B, I'll be back next week)

Farewell to Sohail who heads off on an artistic adventure to Morocco. Keep that groin well stretched. Enjoy!

The Pele points go to:

3 - Mike (Spoz) Arthur - some inspired keeping there
2 - Mike (goals are better then sex) Badman - nothing more to say
1 - Jared Carter - just well played all round


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Match Report 2
Balmain Rovers 3B Reserves v Canterbury
Lees Park, Ashbury
Sat 27 July 2002
Kickoff 1.15pm
Report by Bruce Fackerell

After boarding an airplane and heading back from high altitude training (China - Ed), I found the Rovers boys seriously contemplating what was required for that magical Semis berth. Battle tactics were drawn up for a 3-0 up scenario. The team was ready - the team was hot!

Unfortunately the opposition was elusive and called for a 10 minute pre-game breather. Rob ‘I can have a pre-game smoke and score more goals than you’ Liney was left in limbo, having gone into the unfamiliar territory of not having scored a goal in the last game and wondering whether the Golden Boot was made for another foot.

The game kicked off. All was looking good. The Rovers boys were knocking the ball around nicely. The 3-0 battle plan was looking like a real possibility - when disaster struck. After conceding an innocuous free kick, Canterbury played to their strength and chipped the free kick in to their tall timber who nodded the ball goalwards. 0-1 - not the start we were looking for. Their tall timber was looking dangerous. Ricky ‘I get to man mark anyone over 6 feet’ Onsman assigned himself to the danger man and shut him out for the rest of the game.

Not looking backward - only forwards - Rob managed to grab the first of his handful of goals. The first came, then the second. We were looking on track. Bruce ‘Bondi’ Fackerell was looking a little rusty in the center of defence and Canterbury fought back to level it 2-2 going into half time.

Half-time, time to refocus - time to grab a smoke???? We moved back out on to the sun-baked pitch. Corner to them. Goal to them! What was going on? James ‘long throw’ Mackie decided to take matters into his own hands and use his head, rising majestically above a goalmouth pack to nod the ball firmly into the net. 3-3. A fourth followed, and a fifth.

Pier ‘I scored the best goal of the season’ D’Angelo, tireless in the midfield, must have been shocked to see a screamer from Rob challenge as goal of the year. Don’t worry Pier - you still have my vote.

And in what can only be described as a nice finishing touch, Joey (escaping goal duty) rounded off the scoring with a cracking ... um, cross. Nice to see a defender score.

Final score: 7-3 Bring on the Semis! Great to be back in the team.

And the Pele points go to:

1 - Joey - a back scored! He has to get a Pele Point
1 - Ricky - took out the danger when it was looking dodgy
1 - Mike - solid in the middle of defence
1 - James - for two goals when it counted
1 - Rob - can’t give him both the points and the goals
1 - Ben - great setup play and work down the right


Match Report 3
Balmain Rovers 3B v Concord
Callan Park, Rozelle
Sat 20 July 2002
Kickoff 3pm
No match report

Balmain Rovers recorded a 1-0 win. The goal was scored by Andy Farmery.

The Pele points go to:

3 - Paul McDonnell
2 - Dean Da Silva
1 - Craig Brown


Award Standings

Pele Medal

17 - Ben Jones
13 - Paul Edwards
12 - David Hynd
10.5 - Jared Carter
10 - Mark Bamford, Pier D'Angelo, Alister Haining, James Mackie
9 - Paul McDonnell, Fergal Murphy, Michael Sommers
8.5 - Darren Lynn, John Pereira
8 - Rob Liney, Ricky Onsman
7.5 - Kelly Baigent, Adam Brzozowski, Phil Davis
7 - Ammon Mackie, Darren Taylor
6 - Dean Da Silva, Patrick Nolan, Kon Tsalikis
5.5 - Michael Arthur, Neil O'Donnell
5 - Andy Farmery, Nik Hopkins
4 - Craig Brown
3.5 - Michael Badman, Richard Lyne
3 - Nick Agafonoff, Jon Drea, Donny Nicholas, Michael Ward, Brian Yeung
2.5 - Sohail Dahdal
2 - Matt Clementson, Bruce Fackerell, Paul Millard, Joey Nicotra
1 - Glenn Bacic, John Barker, Martin Hofman, Matt Linton
.5 - Adam Freeman

Golden Boot

25 - Rob Liney
20 - Darren Lynn
17 - Ben Jones
14 - James Mackie, Fergal Murphy
9 - Paul Edwards, Alister Haining
8 - Dean Da Silva
7 - Jared Carter, Ammon Mackie
6 - Paul Millard, Darren Taylor
5 - Sohail Dahdal, Patrick Nolan
4 - Nick Agafonoff
3 - Michael Badman, Pier D'Angelo, Kon Tsalikis
2 - Adam Brzozowski, David Hynd, Martin Hofman
1 - Mark Bamford, Phil Davis, Andy Farmery, Nik Hopkins, Joey Nicotra, Michael Sommers, Brian Yeung



Saturday 27 July:

Div 4 Reserves v Burwood A @ Birchgrove Oval, Birchgrove - 1.15pm
Div 3 Reserves v Canterbury @ Lees Park, Ashbury - 1.15pm
Div 3 Firsts v Canterbury @ Lees Park, Ashbury - 3pm


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Thursday 25 July 2002