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Newsletter - Monday 18 March 2002 beerbeer

This newsletter is published during the summer off-season for
Balmain Rovers, part of the Balmain & District Soccer Club.
Balmain Rovers' major sponsor is the Annandale Hotel.

News Update

Summer Comps

The Balmain Rovers team in the indoor five-a-side comp at Cook and Phillip Park in the city continues its good form with a 7-1 win taking them up to about the middle of the competition table. They are looking for a win in the last game this week to finish on a high note. The experience has been positive enough that two Balmain Rovers teams plan to enter the next comp starting Wednesday 10 April. Enquiries about playing should go to Matt Clementson.


Our Sponsor

Balmain Rovers is sponsored by the fabulous folks at

The Annandale Hotel
17-19 Parramatta Rd, Annandale
Ph 9550 1078

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General News

Winter Season

Balmain Rovers Firsts played a friendly match against a State League team at Wentworth Park on 9 March with a 1-3 result, after being 0-2 at half-time. Not a bad result against a team playing at a higher level of competition than Premier League. The Reserves held out a patched-together Thirds team 6-5 on the same day.

The three teams played short games against each other in the unseasonable heat on Saturday 16 March, with a highlight being the Reserves rolling the Firsts to the tune of 2-0 (well it was a highlight for the Reserves, anyway!).

Balmain Rovers has applied for grading for the Firsts and Reserves into Division Three of the Premier League as PL3/1 and PL3/R, while the third team has applied to play in the Reserves of Division Four as PL4/R. PL4/R is paired with a PL4/1 team that is not interested in the Firsts/Reserves squad method, so each team will play as a stand-alone unit - which suits us fine.

Training commences this week at Cohen Park in Annandale. Firsts and Reserves will train from 7pm-9pm Thursdays, while Thirds will train from 7pm-9pm Wednesdays. Anyone who can't make their intended session can join the other one (although Manager Nick Vince is understandably keen to have full teams training together). Registration photos, id and cash will be accepted at training.

Each of the three Balmain Rovers teams will play a pre-season friendly on Saturday 23 March. Reserves (PL3/R) and Firsts (PL3/1) will play against St George District Premier League side San Souci Reserves and Firsts at 2.30pm and 4pm respectively at Claydon Reserve in Beverley Park (Ref G13, page 294 in the UBD). Thirds (PL4/R) will play against Balmain Over 35s Division 2 side at 1pm at Wentworth Park in Glebe. Details of these matches will be confirmed by email later this week. There will be a brief debriefing at 6pm at the Annandale Hotel following the three matches, at which registration photos, id and cash will also be accepted.

If anyone is unable to use these opportunities to register, email Ricky Onsman to make other arrangements. For those who work in the city, there will be at least one opportunity on a Monday or Tuesday to meet up and take care of rego. Registration should be finalised before Wednesday 27 March, so that cards can be processed in time for the season start on 6 April.

Bear in mind that registration costs $176 this year (or $132 for students), which covers your insurance, your membership of Balmain & District SC and fees to the Canterbury Association. Your team shirt is supplied, as are training balls, cones and venue. You supply your own shorts (black), socks (black), shinpads (compulsory) and boots (moulded or screw-in studs).

Registration also requires the provision of two passport-sized photos, a photocopy of a photo ID (driver's livence, passport), a photocopy of your student ID if you are paying the student rate and a completed and signed Registration Form and Player ID card. The latter signatures are the reason you can't get someone else to drop your cash, ID and photos in for you.

Below are the three squads of Balmain Rovers this season:
Firsts - PL3/1
1. Glenn Bacic
2. Craig Brown
3. Matt Clementson
4. Pier D'Angelo
5. Dean Da Silva
6. Paul Edwards (c)
7. Andy Farmery
8. Sergio Fiorenza
9. David Hind
10. Martin Hofmann
11. Nik Hopkins
12. Matt Linton
13. Ammon Mackie
14. Paul Millard
15. Kon Tsalikis
Reserves - PL3/R
1. Nick Agafanoff
2. Mark Bamford
3. John Barker
4. Steve Daw
5. Jon Drea
6. Ally Haining (c)
7. Emrys Hughes
8. Ben Jones
9. Rob Liney
10. James Mackie
11. Paul McDonnell
12. Donny Nichols
13. Ricky Onsman
14. Mikee Sommers
15. Sam Tekin
16. Brian Yeung
Thirds - PL4/R
1. Kelly Baigent
2. David Birds
3. Adam Brzozowski
4. Sohail Dahdal
5. Phil Davis
6. Adam Freeman (c)
7. Ste Fyles
8. Damian Griffis
9. Richard Lyne
10. Darren Lynn
11. Jeremy Mahimarajan
12. Joey Nicotra
13. John Pereira
14. Darren Taylor
15. David Wright

Note that Firsts and Thirds currently each have a spot open. This is not because we don't have enough players (quite the contrary!) - both squads are looking for a goalkeeper. Details of any prospects for standing between the sticks should be emailed post haste to Ricky Onsman or Nick Vince. Otherwise, these spots will be allocated to blokes currently waiting to hear of their inclusion and goalkeeping duties will be allocated by Management.

Team contact lists will be provided later this week along with print and online versions of the 2002 edition of "What Every Balmain Rovers Needs to Know".

Adam Freeman took a Balmain Rovers shirt to Seattle for a holiday and to prove it brought back some pics for the Balmain Rovers gallery. My, those Rovers boys love pulling the cheesy tourist poses, don't they? More please (of other people in other places, mind).

The Annanadale Hotel has signed on again as major sponsor, and is planning some special events for forthcoming World Cup coverage. We are also looking for an additional sponsor to grace the blazing white with yellow and gold trim strip of the Thirds. Serious suggestions to .

Finally, various Balmain Rovers have expressed interest in coaching junior teams of Balmain & District Soccer Club. Several teams are looking for coaches now and the club would like to hear from you. In the first instance, contact (oh, let's see ... I know!) Ricky or by phone on 9319 6622 (Wed-Fri 9am-5pm), 9660 5327 (Sat-Tue 8am-9pm) or mobile 0408 210 127 (any day 8am-9pm).


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Monday 18 March 2002