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Newsletter - Friday 4 January 2002 beerbeer

This newsletter is published during the summer off-season for
Balmain Rovers, part of the Balmain & District Soccer Club.
Balmain Rovers' major sponsor is the Annandale Hotel.

News Update

Competition News I

Balmain Rovers' team in the annual Balmain Soccer Club summer competition, a six-a-side tournament involving local teams, recorded one win out of the seven matches in the first half of the competition.

The second half of the comp, held at King George Park in Rozelle on Wednesday evenings, will see return matches against the same seven teams. Should our heroes find the form reversal of which they are capable and come first or second after this, they will then play semi-finals and a final. Team members are:

Sohail Dahdal
Andy Farmery
Sergio Fiorenza
Adam Freeman
Nik Hopkins
Denis Jozic
Richard Lyne
Ricky Onsman
David Wright
Brian Yeung

Denis replaced Nick Vince, who aggravated a cruciate ligament injury in the first match of the comp, but is continuing to act as coach.

Competition News II

Balmain Rovers has also entered a team in an indoor five-a-side comp starting Wednesday January 16 at Cook and Phillip Park in College St in the city. Team members are:

Nick Agafonoff
Pier D'Angelo
David Birds
Matthew Clementson
Sohail Dahdal
Jonathan Drea
Paul Edwards
Chris Fogarty
Sean Grant
Brian Yeung

We'll keep you informed of both teams' progress in coming weeks.


Our Sponsor

Balmain Rovers is sponsored by the fabulous folks at

The Annandale Hotel
17-19 Parramatta Rd, Annandale
Ph 9550 1078

For a full rundown of weekly activities plus details of the Nosh Pit restaurant, click on the image below


General News

Informal Training

The training session/kick around on Saturday mornings will continue from 10am-12noon at Field No 1, Wentworth Park, Glebe until 16 February. These sessions have attracted several new players who have joined the email list, as well as some players who turn up on the day and join in for a session. Field No 1 is the one closest to Wattle St - although we may be found on Field No 4 on the other side of the light rail, if it's in better condition and is not being used.

New players and guests are welcome to join us. Bring your boots and shin pads (for safety, we are not covered by club insurance) and be there from 10am-12noon. Players are asked to kick in $20 (covering the whole summer) to help cover costs. The emphasis is on having a bit of fun with a football and doing enough to not get totally unfit during the summer months.

By the time these sessions finish, we hope to have formal evening training sessions organised.

Player Numbers

Speaking of the email list, the number of members now stands at 35. Add in the three or four players who don't have email, and Balmain Rovers has a very strong player list for the next winter competition. And this is four months before the season kicks off! A third Balmain Rovers team again looms as a possibility, but we'd have to figure out where to put it: team up with another Balmain team in a lower Premier League division? Enter a team in the All Ages comp (if it's still around)? Or perhaps enter a team in the Over 35s comp? The trouble with last option is that while we have enough players who qualify, they tend to want to take on the younger guys.

One player who won't be joining us this year is Brad Strzelec, a semi-pro player from England who had planned to join us on moving to Sydney. However, Brad and his partner found Melbourne a more affordable destination in the end, squelching his balmain Rovers plans. A couple of emails later, Brad is now trialling with Victorian State League third division club Brunswick City.

Player Numbers

Plans are in hand for a Saturday afternoon barbie at the Annandale Hotel later this month, probably on the 19th of January to avoid clashing with the Australia Day weekend. This will give new players a chance to meet some of the old crew over a few beers. Drew at the Nosh Pit will organise something tasty and affordable, no doubt. More on this soon.

If you want any further info on any of the above, contact Ricky or phone on 9660 5327.


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Friday 4 January 2002