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Newsletter - Wednesday 7 November 2001 beerbeer
This newsletter is published monthly during the summer off-season for Balmain Rovers, which fields teams in Premier League Division 4 (Firsts & Reserves) of the Canterbury & District Soccer Football Association competition.

News Update

Competition News

A Balmain Rovers team has entered the annual Balmain Soccer Club summer competition, a six-a-side tournament involving local teams.

This year, the comp will be held at King George Park in Rozelle on Monday and Wednesday evenings. There are two groups of eight teams, who play each other twice. The two teams topping each group will then play semi-finals and a final. Balmain Rovers is in the Wednesday group, playing at either 6.30pm or 7.15pm each week.

Apart from the exercise and skill work this will give team members, it also affords the opportunity to get to know some of the many other players involved in the various Balmain clubs, including Balmain Tigers, Balmain Wanderers and other Balmain & District Soccer Club teams.

The Balmain Rovers team members are:

Sohail Dahdal
Andy Farmery
Sergio Fiorenza
Adam Freeman
Nik Hopkins
Richard Lyne
Ricky Onsman
Nick Vince
David Wright
Brian Yeung

This is a good mix of players from the immediate past Firsts team, Reserves team and some brand new players who've joined us this summer.

Several Balmain Rovers are also involved in an indoor competition, including Craig Brown, Andy Farmery, Matt Clementson and Paul Millard. If I had more info on what they're up to and how they're going, I'd publish it - but I don't have it. What about it, Browny?

Yet another team of Balmain Rovers is planned to enter another indoor five-a-side comp starting in mid-January at Cook and Phillip Park in College St in the city. This will involve some more new players joining the teams, including some exciting talent coming out from Europe to join us.

Meantime, the training session/kick around on Saturday mornings will continue during the summer from 10am-12noon at Field No 1, Wentworth Park, Glebe from Saturday 7 October until Saturday 16 February next year. This field is the one closest to Wattle St.

New players and guests are welcome to join us. Bring your boots and shin pads (for safety, we are not covered by club insurance) and be there from 10am-12noon. Hopefully, some other Balmain club members will join us as well.

The cost is $20 per person for the whole summer (discounts are available if you know can't make every session. The emphasis is on having a bit of fun with a soccerball and doing enough to not get totally unfit during the summer months.

All in all, there's plenty of formal and informal activity to keep impressionable Balmain Rovers' minds on their football during the summer months. If you want any further info on any of the above, contact Ricky or phone on 9660 5327.


Our Sponsor

Balmain Rovers is sponsored by the fabulous folks at

The Annandale Hotel
17-19 Parramatta Rd, Annandale
Ph 9550 1078

For a full rundown of weekly activities plus details of the Nosh Pit restaurant, click on the image below



Plans for Next Year

First of all, rest assured that Balmain Rovers will continue to be found on the web at its usual address. Nothing more has been heard from French couturier et parfumier Pierre Balmain (for those unaware of the drama, Balmain Rovers had been threatened with legal action by the French company for using the name 'balmain' in its web address. Suffice to say that we got some good publicity out of it, and have been assured that we have every right to use our current address).

There are whispers that the Canterbury & District SFA competition will undergo yet another restructure next year. It is possible that more teams will come in at the top end of the Premier League, causing reshuffles further down the divisions. One possible outcome may be that Balmain Rovers do not end up getting promoted to Division Three. This would be severely annoying - but let's wait and see what happens.

The Balmain club itself may also undergo some profound structural changes. These could involve some teams splitting off, and could also involve merging with some other teams. More info as it becomes printable.

Finally, the Annandale Hotel was very happy with the relationship with Balmain Rovers during the past winter season and looks set to extend its sponsorial arrangements into the next season. Matt, Dan and Drew have done a terrific job in developing the pub for a new generation of clientele, based on top live music acts, an excellent bistro and an active local community profile. We're pleased to continue to be associated with 'em.


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Wednesday 7 November 2001